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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Black Smithing leveling 1-100 (Final Fantasy x 2 yuna)

Black Smithing Guide

This is what I would consider to be one of the most profitable crafts. And the money invested at the start, will be kindly be multiplied many times over.

For this craft I would highly recommend that you take up mining. Mining will help lower the cost of materials and also give you the extra money to feed your blacksmith skills further.

The items below are the items I would highly recommend you craft to save on money and gain your skills as fast as possible.

Also when every possible always use Synthesis support provided by the guild.

Lvl 2 Bronze ingot (3 Copper Ore + Tin Ore + Fire)

(Try and get as many of these as you can price of these have increased so much. It used cost 2k per stack, but since the guild point system was introduced the price of a stack no is from 4-6k you can sell these for profit but I would advise that you keep these for levelling)

Lvl 4 Bronze Sheets (Bronze Ingot + Fire)

(Made from the bronze ingots you ve made)

Lvl 10 Bronze scales (Bronze Sheet + Wind)

(This is where you lose money unless you save the scales to make scale mail, if you don t have any bronze sheets, you can buy them at a decent price in the guilds, about 120g each. I personal sold them back to the guild)

Lvl 15 Tin ingots (4 Tin Ore + Fire)

(Making this doesn t really make any real profit, a stack sells at around 1k in the AH, I sold my tin ingots back to the guild, I camped the guild for tin ore, using the money which I gained from selling Iron, Zinc and darksteel ore which I mined)

Lvl 20 Iron Ingots (4 Iron Ores + Fire) (HQ results in Steel Ingot)

(This is where you start making you real profit, best to mine all the iron you can, yes it may be time consuming but time versus money I prefer to waste that extra bit of time mining than spending 2-2.4k per iron ingot. And when you fail that s a lot of money lost. Also try and save 3-4 stacks for the next items)

Lvl 22 Iron Sheet (Iron Ingot + Fire) (this is an option)

(This will give you and extra 5-7k on top of the sells from iron ingots, but does sell a bit slower than iron ingots)

Lvl 25 Spatha (lizard skin + 3 Bronze ingots + Fire)

(You can buy the lizard skins to make this but I spent about 1-2 hours (also I found that lizards in valkum dunes have a higher skin drop rate than in any other place.)

Lvl 29 Iron Mask (Iron Sheet + Brass Sheet + Earth)

(I highly recommend that you also level Gold smith to the point where you can make your own Brass Sheets. Just take some time out and do it, because 6-7k per stack of brass ingots isn t cheap at this stage)

NOTE: Even though Goblin gear (gob mail and helmet) has a level cap at 30 I highly suggest that you save your money on buying this gear until your at least level 50+

Trick of the Trade!!!

There is a vendor in North Sandy that sells leather belts. Because Iron will become your main ingredient in most of the items made. This is one of the cheapest ways to obtain iron ingots other than mining it

To make a leather belt consists of 1 Iron chain and 1 sheep leather.

If you de-synthesis you will get as a result of:

1 Sheep Leather

1 Iron Ingot (HQ1)

2 Iron Ingot (HQ2)

The Blacksmith level need for this is 0, but this d-synthesis has a high fail rate!!! The only way I have found to counter this high fail rate is to raise your leather to 10+ (the higher the better) Try and d-synthesis on a dark day, and have your Mog House with a lightning enhancement effect (Powerful or overwhelming).

Also try to get your Sandy Fame as high as possible. Because the higher your fame is, the cheaper you can buy the leather belts. Sheep leather can be sold to the AH and the money obtain from it can be used to buy more leather belts or lizard skins to level other items.

Lvl 35 Iron Cuisses (2 Iron Scales + Leather Trousers + Cotton Thread + Earth) (Optional)

(I recommend you level this item because not only are you levelling your Blacksmith you can also level Leather skills to 5 which will help with an item later on)

Lvl 33-35 Rusty Items (Rusty Caps or Rusty Picks + Light)

(I only recommend this if you have a fishing skills, so you can fish for caps and picks. The prices of caps have gone down a lot since SE has lowered the price in which you can sell caps to vendors/stores. Try to only buy these at 1.5k the most. Once restored these will give you results of a war pick or padded cap, caps can be sold back at 2.6k making you a small profit that s if you don t fail)

Lvl 39 Padded Cap (Iron Sheet + 2 Lizard Skins+ Earth)

(Once again you have to go back and try to farm lizard skins (optional), but you don t have to cap out this to level 39, once you re about level 37 move the next item, this will save you on cost/time for lizard skins. Padded caps will also level your level to a cap of 9)

Lvl 41 Iron Mittens (Iron Sheet + Lizard skin + Earth)

(This will also level your leather to 10 cap)

Lvl 45 Iron Subilgar (Iron Sheet + Lizard Skin + Cotton Cloth + Earth)

(This will help you level Leather to 12 also. If you have the time and want to save more money, cotton cloth can also be farmed off Bogy (ghost type MOB))

At this stage you can now de-synthesis Quadav gear, but its best of farm them. It s only worth buying and de-synthesis Quadav gear at level 65+ because the return versus cost would be more effective.

Lvl 52 Darksteel Ingot (Darksteel Ore + 3 Iron Ore + Fire)

(I would highly recommend you mine most of your irons and darksteel ores. Losing a darksteel ore, while you synthesis is really painful. Only start buying darksteel ore to level once your level 48+ and have synthesis support on)

Lvl 57 Gauntlets (2 Iron Sheet + 2 Leather Gloves + Fire)

(Use the Trade trick of leather belts to obtain most of your irons here. You can also buy your leather gloves in the Armoury in North Sandy, Gauntlets can be sold back to the guild to get the cost of the money invested in the items back or sold in the AH)

Lvl 58 Breastplate (4 Iron Sheet + Sheep Leather + Fire)

(Once again use the Trade Trick of leather belts, you can make a profit on breastplates if you sell them to the AH, or break even if sold to the guild.)

Lvl 66 Nodowa (Iron Sheet + Silk Thread + Earth)

(The reason why I have jump 8 levels ahead from breastplates to Nodowa is because cost versus fails on making nodowa. Nodowa comes out on top. Once again use the Trade trick to get your Iron. Its best if you spend time on farming silk thread until you are around level 60+ of blacksmith, because this well help lower the cost on fails once pass level 60 its best to just buy the silk, because you will get your money back. Note Guilds do not buy this item you can only sell to the vendors/stores)

Lvl 70 Hien (Darksteel Ingot + Lizard Skin + Fire) (optional)

(Sometimes it isn t worth making these unless you have gotten most of your darksteel from Quadav gear. Only sells at 2.5-3k to vendors/stores)

Lvl 73 Darksteel Pick (Darksteel + Elm Lumber + Fire)

(This is where the true money on Blacksmith lays. These sell to the vendors/stores at 12.5k. If possible get your darksteel from Quadav gear to maximise profits and try to farm and make your own Elm Lumber)

Information from here on has been obtain through talking to may of the crafters which I have met online and also the main trading forms which I have read

Lvl 81 Darksteel Gorget (Darksteel Sheet + Ram Leather + Fire)

(At this level you should really try to level Leather so that you can make your own ram leather, which will save you money. Also you should be able to get a good HQ rate on Quadav gear to get Darksteel Ingot, which help with cost here. So take time out to farm quadav gear)

Lvl 83 Darksteel Nodowa (Darksteel Sheet + Silk Thread + Fire)

(Same as Nodowa but this time you get a bit more money but still at a lost on darksteel unless you farmed and d-synthesis your own darksteel from Quadavs)

Lvl 87 Celata (Copper Ingot + Steel Sheet + Darksteel Chain + Darksteel + Sheep leather + Fire)

(Once again farm and d-synthesis all you re your darksteel, and if your lucky you can get a HQ1 or H2 on Darksteel Chains which is very nice)

At this stage it is wise to go and do the Guild and raise your Guild points up and get the Blacksmith gloves and apron. Because those 2 extra Skill points will help you a lot and decrease the fail rates so much.

Lvl 90 Adaman Ingot (3 Adaman Ore + Iron Ore + Fire)

(If you can mine Adaman Ore in ifirit s Cauldron, do it as much as possible to cut down on cost. Otherwise make enough Darksteel Picks until you have enough money to buy Adaman ores, Very very pain fully when you fail. A friend of mine failed and lost all 3 Adaman ores, that s 300k+ lost in less than 10 seconds. But he was lucky he didn t lose his iron ore lol)

Lvl 91 Adaman Ingot (6 Adaman Nuggets + Adaman Ore + Fire)

(When every there is Adaman Nuggets on sell try to snap them up, Cheaper to buy that Adaman ore. Just a bit)

Lvl 95 Bhuj (Ebony Lumber + Gold Ingot + Steel Ingot + 2 Darksteel Ingot + Mercury

+ Fire)

(For this is best to raise Goldsmith and woodwork crafts to level 50+ this will help to lower the fail rates and raise your Alchemy up until you can make Mercury)

Lvl 95 Adaman Sheet (Adaman Ingot + Fire)

(Save all the Adaman ingots that you make to help with cost)

Lvl 97 Adaman Cuisses (Adaman Sheet + Darksteel Sheet + Gold Ingot + Tiger Leather + Mercury + Fire)

(You need gold to be at level 50+ to help with the fail rates. Also making your own tiger leather and Mercury helps just a little)

Lvl 100 Culverin (Adman Ingot + 2 Darksteel Ingot + Mahogany Lumber + Brass Ingot)

(The final item that will raise your Blacksmith to level 100.Wood and Gold crafts need to be at level 60 to help lower fail rate)

Other tricks with in Blacksmith which can help you make or save you money are listed below. I don t recommend trying them until your blacksmith is level 60+. The reason for this is that so you can maximise the HQ results that you get. I will give you the level in which you can start to de-synthesis the items also.

De-synthesis Tricks and money savers

Claymore (25-26) (Brought in North Sandy Furniture Shop) Fame will have an effect the price of the claymore (which cost about 3k) I have made a stack from 3 claymores once, 9k for a stack is better than paying 32-35k

Using Lightning

Normal Result = Ash Lumber

HQ1 = Lizard Skin

HQ2 = 3 Iron Ingots

HQ3 = 4 Iron Ingots

Maul (40)(drop off by Garnet Quadav, you need to be above level 50 in a job before you can try to take them on, can be sold for 3k)

Using Lightning

Normal Results = Oak Lumber

HQ1 = Oak Lumber

HQ2 = 6 Mythril Nuggets

HQ3 = 2 Mythril Ingots

Quadav Backplates (45) (Drop off my Amethyst Qaudav)

Using Lightning

Normal Results = Bronze ingot

HQ1 = Iron Ingot

HQ2 = Darksteel Ingot

Using wind you will get sheets instead of ingots

Quadav Helmet (45) (Drop off by Old Quadav in Beaudeax only)

Using Lightning

Normal Results = Bronze ingot

HQ1 = Iron Ingot

HQ2 = Steel Ingot

HQ3 = Darksteel Ingot

Using wind you will get sheets instead of ingots

Antican Pauldron (65) (Drop off by Ranger type Antican)

Using Lightning

Normal Results = 2 Bronze ingot

HQ1 = 3 Iron Ingot

HQ2 = 2 Steel Ingot

HQ3 = Darksteel Ingot

Using wind you will get sheets instead of ingots

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Joined: Thu Aug 3rd, 2006Location: Posts: 1Mana: IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImagePosted: Fri Aug 4th, 2006 05:32 amQuoteReplyI used the following strategy to level up smithing:

0-2 ———————–

Bronze Ingot Fire Crystal Tin Ore x1, Copper Ore x3

Cheap Synth important in the next steps.

2-4 ———————–

Bronze Sheet Fire Crystal Bronze Ingot x1

Use the Ingots you made in the last step

4-9 ———————–

Bronze Scales Wind Crystal Bronze Sheet x1

Use the Sheets that you made getting to 4.

9-14 ———————-

Tin Ingot Fire Crystal Tin Ore x4

These are very cheap to make and are a welcome after all those bronze scales

14-17 ———————

Aspis Fire Crystal Ash Lumber x1, Bronze Sheet x2

Great to make these and sell them to other players can net a profit

17-20 ———————

Iron Ingot Fire Crystal Iron Ore x4

The First step of expensive smithing no way around them.

20-22 ———————

Iron Sheet Fire Crystal Iron Ingot x1

Use the Iron that was created in the last step

22-25 ———————-

Spatha Fire Crystal Lizard Skin x1, Bronze Ingot x3

You could use the sheets that you made in the last step to make scales.

but this way you can sell the sheets and not be stuck with stacks of cheap scales

25-28 ———————

War Pick Light Crystal Rusty Pick x1

Use these to bridge the gap for rusty caps Sell these to the Blacksmithing guild for profit

26-34 ———————

Padded Cap Light Crystal Rusty Cap x1

A nice way to make gil if light crystals are not overpriced

There are two paths from here one involves some low level leathercraft the other does not

I would suggest making sheep leather and rabbit mantles to 7 leathercraft.

34-40 ———————-

Iron Mittens Earth Crystal Lizard Skin x1, Iron Sheet x1

Make tons of Iron Mittens and sell them to a npc for about the cost of the Iron Sheet

Will cap leatercraft at 10.

Dont forget to rank up at the Leather Guild

40-45 ———————-

Iron Subligar Earth Crystal Cotton Cloth x1, Lizard Skin x1, Iron Sheet x1

At 40 add in some cotton and make subligars. These may sell occasionaly on the AH.

Will take leathercraft to 12.


If leather is to much extra work, shame on you! these will take to to 45 but at a higher cost

34-36 ———————-

Steel Sheet Fire Crystal Steel Ingot x1

Make tons of Sheets you are going to need them

36-40 ———————-

Steel Scales Wind Crystal Steel Sheet x1

Used to make steel scale equipment not worth as much as the ignots used. Making these hurts

40-45 ———————-

Hibari Fire Crystal Tama-Hagane x1 Lizard Skin x1

Buy the Tama-Hagane in Jeuno Tenshodo. These will sell occasionaly on the AH.


45-52 ———————-

Darksteel Ingot Fire Crystal Darksteel Ore x1, Iron Ore x3

45 might be a little soon to start these untill about 48 they should be made on Firesday or Iceday with Advanced suport ONLY!

They can be sold in Jueno for profit

52-55 ———————-

Darksteel Sheet Fire Crystal Darksteel Ingot x1

Use some of the Ignots that were made in the previous step.

55-58 ———————

Darksteel Bolt Heads Wind Crystal Darksteel Ingot x1

Not a good step but hey its better than blowing up tons of Nodowa.

58-66 ———————

Nodowa Earth Crystal Iron Sheet x1, Silk Thread x1

One of the Cheaper synths you will find this high

66-73 ———————

Darksteel Pick Fire Crystal Darksteel Ingot x1, Elm Lumber x1

The resale value of these is what makes them worth while to make

Especialy if the woodworking guild is stocking elm lumber for 1800 gil

These require woodworking and cap it at 8 which by this point should be no problem to get.

Everyone keeps badmouthing this step so I looked for an alternative route.

Origional Route was Karimata Arrowheads but No one seems to like the idea of these


Bastard Sword Fire Crystal Ram Leather x1, Darksteel Ingot x3

Darksteel Scythe Fire Crystal Darksteel Ingot x3, Yew Lumber x1, Grass Cloth x1

The swords cap at 77 and the Scythes cap at 78. The Scythes will sell because there are used to make Death Scythes. But there is a slight chance you can break even.

77-83 ———————

Darksteel Nodowa Fire Crystal Silk Thread x1, Darksteel Sheet x1

Same as Nodawa make you will be making these for a long time.

83-87 ———————

Celata Fire Crystal Sheep Leather x1, Darksteel Chain x1, Darksteel Sheet x1, Steel Sheet x1, Copper Ingot x1

This appears to be the cheapest synth that can be made in this range. Thick equipment sells

nicely. all the dark knights drool over it.

87-90 ———————

Adaman Ingot Fire Crystal Adaman Ore x3, Iron Ore x1

Ouch this has to be the most costly per synth item you could imagine.

At least you can resell them on the AH.

How to get Warp Scrolls fast and easy (FFXI quests)

Bastok markets is all you need to obtain fame lvl 3 to unlock this quest. If you already have a character this helps so you can buy the items you need to obtain fame 3. The items include a bone chip 7 copper ingots a bronze subligar a robe, and a slime oil. Bone chip you give to the old man near the bastok mines zone for a dangruf wadi map. quest 1 done in the same zone put the subligar and the robe on and talk to Brygid to start the quest then talk to her once more. Quest 2 done. now go to F-10 and speak to Michea and they will ask for a copper ingot give it to her. zone. repeat untill you have done it 7 times. quest is a repeatable. OK! now head over to Bastok metalworks G-7 and speak to Unlucky Rat to trade the slime oil and recieve the warp scroll! Now you can send the warp scroll to your original Character and then erase this character and repeat this process.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Level 58+ farming hint (Final Fantasy names)

First go through Qufim to Behemoths Domain <LI>A lvl 58 can solo a few mobs there <LI>The mobs that you can solo drop items that are frequent and sell high. <LI>You can also steal from the mobs and make a profitable day.

Quick money making method (Final Fantasy 3 walkthrough)

At 6:00 in upper San 'Doria, the Wood Guild opens. There, you can by Arrowwood Lumber for 7 Gil each. They sell for approximately 100 to 150 Gil each. The Luaun Lumber also makes a profit, but not as much

Friday, October 26, 2007

60,000 Gil for 10 minutes of work (Final Fantasy 7 map)

A really easy way to make some extra gil (especially in the earlier levels) is to do the Justice Badge and Blaze Spikes scroll quests.

First thing you do is make a new character in Windurst. After that character is made, go back to your main character and buy/farm 1 Rarab tail and 4 Wild Onions. Send them to your mule. Now go to where the Star Onion Brigade is (behind the warehouses in Port Windurst). From there, talk to the young Tarutaru on top of the stack of boxes. You will go through a small Cutscene and they will ask you to bring them a tail. Trade them the Rarab Tail after the cutscene is over to become a member of the S.O.B., and recieve your Justice Badge. On my server, these sell for about 10k. From there, zone, come back, and talk to the same Tarutaru to get another cutscene. Trade him the 4 wild onions for the Blaze Spikes scroll. this sells for about 50k on my server. 60k for about 10 minutes of work? Not bad! Now send these to your main character for selling. Delete this character and repeat if desired.

Thief (FFXI items)

Basic Job Description

A thief is a job with many perks which serve many different purposes. A thief is good for getting loot, dealing damage, and controlling hate within your party. Treasure hunter and flee are some of the other perks, making it a fun and useful job not just as a main, but as a subjob as well.

Job Skills Description

Job Abilities

* Perfect Dodge - LV1 - Duration: 30 seconds - Recast: 2 hours : The thief two hour abilities gives what the name implies - a perfect dodge over a period of 30 seconds. In other words, you'll take no physical damage, however you'll still get hit by spells. This is still extremely useful if you: 1) Perfect Dodge > Warp Scroll or /logout and 2) Perfect Dodge > Flee and run away.

* Steal - LV5 - Duration: Instant - Recast: 5 minutes : This is one of the many defining attributes of a thief. In general, you will use steal to steal from beastmen types (goblins, orcs, yagudo) for the various types of beastcoins, or from higher level version of creatures (crawlers for silk, spiders for web, etc…). Having +steal equipment becomes important for a thief when going for those better items, such as gold beastcoins (see http://www.multiplayerstrategies.com/ms/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=14574&categoryid=18 for a tutorial about stealing gold beastcoins).

* Sneak Attack - LV15 - Duration: 1 minute - Recast: 1 minute : Sneak attack is probably the most basic yet the most important skill thieves will ever get. Using Sneak Attack will give your character a status effect, much like protect or anything else, that causes your next hit to do a large amount of damage if you hit the monster from behind. The effect disappears after your first attempted attack, whether or not the sneak attack is successful. Also note that if done properly, your sneak attack will never miss.

* Flee - LV25 - Duration: 30 seconds - Recast: 5 minutes : Increases your movement speed (approx. the same as a chocobo although it may seem faster) for 30 seconds.

* Trick Attack - LV30 - Duration: 1 minute - Recast: 1 minute : The concept of how trick attack works is similar to sneak attack, it places a status effect that will do extra damage if your next attack meets a certain condition. Your next attack will deal extra damage if there is someone directly in front of you. In other words, there must be You. The damage you do with trick attack, places the hate on the person you trick on (the "Someone else") as if they attacked it themselves. This is very useful considering trick attack stacks with sneak attack (can use them both at once) for a high damage attack which will place a large amount of hate on the person you trick attack on, which is generally the tank. For this to work, you need the monster to face away for sneak attack to work and for a person (who will take the hate) to stand in front of you, therefore this setup requires at least 3 people: Person attacking monster. This will be discussed more later.

* Mug - LV35 - Duration: Instant - Recast: 5 minutes : similar to steal, except you steal a small amount of gil. In general, this skill seems relatively weak, stealing very low amounts of gil.

* Hide - LV45 - Duration: Changes - Recast: 5 minutes : this makes the thief go completely out of sight, also losing all aggro. For example, let's say you're fighting something solo and halfway through the fight, sneak attack is ready. You can use hide and it will stop attacking you (warning: it will not longer be claimed by you), run around behind it, and sneak attack it. This also applies for higher level aggressive monsters. Hide can be particularly useful when applied with steal, for more info see http://www.multiplayerstrategies.com/ms/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=14574&categoryid=18

Job Traits

* Gilfinder - LV5 : Increases the amount of gil dropped by enemies (only if that enemy drops gil).

* Evasion Bonus - LV10 : Adds a bonus to evasion.

* Treasure Hunter - LV15 : Increases the chance of obtaining items (getting drops). Exactly by what factor is unknown, but this skill is why thief is also a popular subjob for farming items.

* Resist Gravity - LV20 : Adds resistance versus Gravity.

* Evasion Bonus - LV30 : Additional evasion bonus.

* Resist Gravity - LV40 - Additional resistance versus Gravity.

* Treasure Hunter 2 - LV45 : Additional chance of obtaining items. This is currently unique to thief (would require a level 90 main job to have this ability with a subjob). Again, the exact factor is unkown, but it makes thief undoubtedly best for getting rare drops, for example from Notorious Monsters.

* Evasion Bonus - LV50 : Additional evasion bonus.

* Triple Attack - LV55 : Allows for a chance to attack 3 times instead of the usual 1. This is an extremely useful trait which can actually work with the warrior's LV 25 Double Attack (warrior would have to be your subjob), allowing you to either Double Attack or Triple Attack.

* Resist Gravity - LV60 : Additional resistance versus Gravity.

* Evasion Bonus - LV70 : Additional evasion bonus.

* Resist Gravity - LV75: Additional resistance versus Gravity.

Thief's Role in a Party

A thief serves two main purposes in a party situation: being a damage dealer and a hate controller. Until level 30, a thief can only serve as a damage dealer. As a warning, thief is a tough job to start out as. This is because the thief has very little to offer until level 15 when thief gets sneak attack. Until then a thief is much like a weaker version of a warrior: you can do little else than melee attack monsters and can use less equipment than other jobs such as warrior and monk. However, once the thief learns sneak attack all that changes. As described in the above Job Abilties, sneak attack makes your next melee attack (if from behind) do greatly more damage than usual. While I won't get into the very basics of party mechanics, generally your party stays in a safe spot ("camp") while 1 member of your party brings a monster back to your camp to kill. This is the role of the thief, to run up and ranged attack a monster (usually with a boomerang or a bow) and bring it back for killing. What a smart thief does is use Sneak Attack (and Trick Attack) right before using his/her boomerang to bring the monster back to camp - you don't lose your sneak attack when you ranged attack and the status effect duration is as long as the recast timer (1 minute). It should last long enough for your tank to provoke the monster and get your sneak attack in with about 10-30 seconds left on the recast timer, allowing you to practically sneak attack twice in a row.

Sneak attack also allows for greater skillchain damage - the damage done by your skillchain is proportional to the damage done by the weaponskill that ends the skillchain. Sneak Attack will stack in terms of damage with certain weaponskills, generally those that are melee based - for example Wasp Sting (normal attack that can poison) and Shadowstitch (normal attack that can bind), but neither Gust Slash or Cyclone (wind damage attacks) stacks with Sneak Attack.

Aside from being a damage dealer, a thief is used to help place additional hate on the tank at level 30+. As previously stated, sneak attack and trick attack both stack to perform a high damaging attack that will place a lot of hate on the person you use to trick attack (see Job Abilities). For this to be effective, the thief's party setup generally requires that two people have provoke. Generally these can include a warrior/anything, monk/warrior, dark knight/warrior, dragoon/warrior, or a samurai/warrior in addition to a paladin or a ninja tank. Here's an example of the start of fight if your party included a paladin/warrior and a samurai/warrior:

-thief runs out and find a monster he wants to kill for experience.

-warns the party he's about to ranged attack it ("pull" it), uses sneak attack and trick attack, then ranged attacks the monster.

-as the monster gets close, the secondary tank (samurai in this case) provokes the monster, while the main tank stands directly behind the monster, and the thief directly behind the main tank (paladin in this case). So it looks like this, where each arrow indicates which way each thing should be facing ~

* thief-> paladin-> monster-> <-samurai

-everyone attacks the monster, if done right, the thief's first attack should do a large amount of damage while placing all the hate from the attack on the main tank.

-the main tank can now provoke, and use whatever other skills it has to generate more hate.

Generally if done right, it won't matter if the thief sneak and trick attacks off of the secondary tank partway through the fight for additional damage. A thief will almost always use a dagger, at least at LV33+, if not earlier (for reasons discussed below in the Equipment and Stat Focus). The two powerful weaponskills that will use most often are: viper bite (from LV33-60) and dancing edge (from LV60+) and they both skillchain the same way. As described in the second paragraph of this section, the amount of damage your skillchain does is proportional to the damage of the last weaponskill used in the chain - for this reason you will always want to be the second (which is generally the last) weaponskill of the skillchain. With viper bite and dancing edge, you'll always be producing distortion skillchains, which is an ice/water level 2 skillchain, which is convenient because many monsters you level off of are vulnerable to either ice (crawlers, crabs, mandragoras and more) or water (raptors and more).

Subjob suggestions

There are two subjobs which work best with thief in levelling situations when trying to maximize damage. These include ninja and warrior. Ninja allows for dual wielding for easier TP building and some extra stats, depending on what second weapon you use. In addition, you can use some ninjutsu, most importantly utsusemi:ichi. This absorbs three hits, which can be very valuable when pulling for your party (especially if you pull monsters that run quicker than you, such as tigers, raptors, and coeurls). On top of it all, agi and dex are the two most important stats for a thief (see the below Equipment and Stat Focus) and you get some extra dex and agi with ninja subjob (although not all that much more than warrior).

Warrior also contirbutes a lot of extra damage, you get to use berserk for noticeably more damage, as well as have the double attack to do extra damage to offset the lack of dual wield. You also get an extra attack with multi-hit weaponskills such as dancing edge.

But a thief is used for more than just levelling, it is very effective for farming for loot and hunting notorious monsters because of its treasure hunter abilities as well as hunting treasure chests/coffers because of their ability to pick open coffers using thief tools (these include thief tools, living key, and skeleton key in the order of stength of the tool). These situations call for different subjobs. When hunting coffers or chests, it is a good idea to have white mage or red mage subjob at level 25+ for the sneak (level 20) and invisible (level 25) spells taking aggression. When farming for loot, ranger subjob is effective for using the widescan ability to track down the monsters you wish to farm. When hunting Notorious Monsters (NMs) for rare and expensive drops, warrior subjob is again best for using provoke to get it before anyone else.

Equipment and Stat Focus

A thief is a damage dealer, so it would be in your best interest to additionally read http://www.multiplayerstrategies.com/ms/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=18975&categoryid=18 , which is a damage dealing thread I wrote that will cover a few points that I may leave out in this section. However, unlike some of the other damage dealers where +accuracy is much more important than any other stat, dex and agi are the main stat focuses for thief, where dex is slightly more important than agi. In addition to contributing to the accuracy of your regular attacks, dex will increase the damage of your sneak attack whereas agi will increase the damage of your trick attack. Sneak attack will contribute more damage than trick attack, which is another reason why dex should take precendence over agi if given the option.

Keep in mind that sneak attack will never miss if done properly, and anything stacked with sneak attack (trick attack and weaponskills) won't miss either, making accuracy not so important until you hit 60 and use the multihit weaponskill dancing edge (as long as you have no trouble with missing too much). While dex and agi should be your focus with equipment, meat mithkabobs remain the most helpful and cost efficient food, adding a +5 str and a very large +21.9% attack to boost the damage of all your attacks, including sneak and trick attack.

Thieves have by far the best combat skill rating with dagger, which is why it should be used instead of another weapon. As stated in the damage dealing thread, each point in the dagger combat skill adds +1 attack, so even as early as level 25, your dagger skill cap is 78 compared to the 68 cap with sword, that's a 10 skill point difference. That's essentially like your dagger having an addition +10 attack bonus on the dagger on top of having a better hit rate. Take that into consideration when deciding between sword and dagger (pre-lv 33… at lv33+ you should be using dagger no matter what).

Sample Macros

These are just some sample macros, having the right macros can make the difference between a good thief and a bad one, since timing is everything when stacking sneak and trick attack with weaponskills. My first suggestion is to combine sneak attack and trick attack in a single macro, while placing your weaponskill in a second macro. Note that the square brackets are meant to represent that auto-translator. Here's an example:

Sneak / Trick Attack Macro

/ja "Sneak Attack" <me>

/wait 1

/ja "Trick Attack" <me>

Weaponskill Macro

/ws "Viper Bite" <t>

/wait 1

/p "[Viper Bite] ~ TP : <tp> <call3>

* What's important to notice is that you viper bite a split second before the delay and party chat, that's because after sneak and trick attack you must quickly use your weaponskill or your character will auto-attack with a melee attack, using sneak/trick attack and not stacking it with a weaponskill. This can especially be an issue because you use daggers, which have low delay.

Enemy Sighted Macro

/p [Enemy] @ <pos> - [Found it!] <call14>

Ranged Attack / Pulling Macro

/p [Ranged Attack] >>—-> <t>

/wait 1

/ra <t>

TP Report Macro

/p TP: <tp> @X [Viper Bite] <call14>

* Where the X after the @ is your position in the skillchain, for example if you're second, you put @2 [Viper Bite].

Flee Macro

/ja "Flee" <me>

Steal Macro

/ja "Steal" <t>

Hide Macro

/p Losing aggro >> [Hide]!

/wait 1

/ja "Hide" <me>

I hope this helps, if you have any questions or corrections, feel free to reply to this thread or PM me.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blue Mage Soloing Guide (FFXI hack)

You need to have the Blue mage spells:

  • Pollen,
  • Metallic Body,
  • Cocoon,
  • Power Attack,
  • Foot Kick and
  • Wild Oats.

Ok before the fight you need to cast Cocoon and Metallic Body. Then use Wild oAts to pull in your monster. After you have puled the monster attack the monster. Then spam the spells Power Attack and Foot Kick over and over. The mob will die really fast. Use Pollen when necessary to heal. This works well till bout 12th. level. Then u add Battle Dance and Head Butt to the mix so u can kill it faster. If you are having MP problems (I did with my Elvaan) use Refresh Drink and regen drinks if u have HP problems. The only other change to this is that at 16th adding Sheep Song will give u a chance to sleep your enemy if u start to go down hill and need to run. And as soon as you can add Bludgeon. It will become a staple Blue Mage spell. If u follow these guidelines you can solo tough monsters till about 20-21st level.

Charisma helps a ton when you are getting spells, my prefered way is to drop a monster to a sliver of HP then (in 3rd person) I unlock (using * on the PC). Then I turn around and lock on the monster while looking away. Then as soon as a monster uses the spell I turn around and slaughter it with a spell or sword. Once again I hope it helps.

Black Mage FAQ (Final Fantasy hentai)

Table of Contents

I. Artifact Armor(AF)

II. Food

III. Spells

IV. Equipment

V. Macros

VI. Dynamis

I. Artifact Armor

This is a special type of armor customized for each job, it's rare/ex so you can't sell it, trade it or have 2 of the same. Below a guide on obtaining all of it.

AF 1 Casting Wand

First off you must be level 40 or higher to start this quest. I recommend having the maps for Xarcabard, Ranguemount Pass, and Beaucedine Glacier. Second off make room in your storage because that's where this POS is going. I recommend not even bothering till late 40s or even early 50s before your boots when the mobs will be easy to defeat with just a regular party. Also make sure to have enough mages for Sneak and Invisible or Sneak Oils and Prism Powders.

Head to Windurst Walls and go to the Heaven's Tower in the Center.

Once inside take the ramp down on the right side of the room. You should see Chumimi directly in front of you to the right. Talk to her to initiate a cut scene where the ministers all come and argue. When they are done you are asked to choose which one you agree with pick one it doesn't matter. Chumimi then tells you that she wants you to bring back a Glowstone. In order to get the Glowstone you need to throw a faded crystal into a glowing crack in Xarcabard and defeat the elemental that spawns.

First things first though, the faded crystal can be acquired by trading any crystal type (I recommend earth) to any telepoint crystal. When this is done successfully you will receive the message that the crystal was drained of its power and get a faded crystal.

Next its time to get a party together and head to Xarcabard I went with my LS we had 2 blms, 2 whms, 2 thfs, a pld, a bst, and a mnk all mid to upper 40s. However a full well equipped party of 40s with multiple Blms should be ok, but I would recommend taking an alliance for 40 and lower. In order to reach Xarcabard you will need to teleport Vahzl or take a long journey on foot.

The walk starts in Sandoria. Exit to East Ronfrue and head to the Northeast corner of the map, here you will find a cave, Ranguemount Pass. Once you enter the pass stay to the right you will enter a room with 2 elvaan and a sealed door talk to the elvaan nearest the door and he will open it. When pass through the door the enemies become harder most will aggro you till low/mid 40's so make sure to have sneak and invisible or Sneak Oils and Prism Powders since everything will link and there are a lot of mobs. Once past the door take the first right that you come to, then the first left after that, then the first right after that and continue taking rights to the exit, which is located in the Northeast most corner of the map.

Welcome to Beaucedine Glacier! Here you will definitely need invisible and sneak or Sneak Oils and Prism Powders to avoid the gigas, eyes, undead, tigers, and high level gobs, also watch out for Golems and Ice and Dark Elementals as they will aggro magic and destroy you quite handily. I have found that the ramps here are the safest places to rest and recast but you can still pull magic so keep an eye out. Also be careful near the towers since there are Dolls in them and they will aggro magic near them even if you can?t see them. Follow the path when you exit from Ranguemount Pass, until you see a ramp on your left heading north. Go up this ramp and continue North along the wall until you reach another ramp on your left heading West. Go up this ramp and continue to the North West where you will zone to Xarcabard.

Well you are nearly there. If you have come this far you may as well get the telepoint while you're at it so I will direct you there then give directions to the crack for AF 1 since some will be teleporting to the crystal anyways. Here again you will need Sneak and Invisible so be prepared with enough mages or Sneak Oils and Prism Powders. From the Beaucedine zone head to the west once the canyon opens to a huge field you have gotten to Xarcabard proper. From the start of the large open area head in a general Northwesterly direction to position G8/H8 the telepoint is basically on the line between these 2 map blocks. If you don't have the map you can still get your position with the command in the text is window. The telepoint located on a raised area with steps it glows blue so it's pretty hard to miss.

Now for all of you that teleported sorry for the useless directions. From the telepoint sneak and invisible and head to the West there will be a large mountain that you can go around to either the left or right and then you will come to a cliff with a ramp to the right/ North. Go down this ramp and you will reach the path up to Castle Zvahl Bailey and area with paths divided by northern lights. Head up the path to the 3rd level I think. The position is E-8 and the ??? will be in a gorge or crack in the ground. Once you have your party set up you will need to kill the 2 or 3 demons near there this will be the most difficult part of the quest in my opinion. Be careful the demons link. Once the area is cleared trade the Faded Crystal to the ??? and the Chaos Elemental will spawn. The party should have little trouble with this mob especially with more than 1 blm. Melees will not do much damage but the elemental is weak to magic. Once you are done lot the Glowstone and warp back home. I recommend having the whm or whms teleport everyone to safety so that no one is left to die in Xarcabard. Once you are safe again head back to Windurst and turn in the Glowstone to Chumimi for the Casting Wand.

AF2 Wizard's Sabots

First off you must be at least level 50 to start this quest and have completed AF1. I highly recommend having the maps for Xarcabard, Ranguemount Pass, Beaucedine Glacier, Castle Zvahl Bailey and Castle Zvahl Keep. Also make sure to have enough mages for Sneak and Invisible or Sneak Oils and Prism Powders.

Chumimi in Heaven's Tower, so head back to Windurst starts this quest. Talk to Chumimi and again a meeting of the ministers occurs and you are asked to find the Star Tree seeds that were lost. Now go to Jeuno and talk to Latyin in Ru'Lude Gardens at G-9, you will learn that the seeds were lost in Crawlers' Nest, so head there and pray for weather.

The seeds drop from all Elementals in Crawlers' Nest it seems, the only place I know that they spawn is in the large open room with Exorays, Flies, Beetles, Muushusuu, and Soldier Crawlers. This is very dangerous and I suggest that you get at least a small alliance or high-level help. You will need Sneak and Invisible here to avoid aggro from the Exorays, Beetles, Muushusuu, and Soldier Crawlers. I killed one Elemental and got my seeds so I don't know if it?s a guaranteed drop or not, but once you have the seeds head back to Chumimi.

After giving the seeds to Chumimi you find that there are still problems and that you need to go get a cursed doll from Castle Zvahl Keep, but first you will need a key from Castle Zvahl Bailey, so head to Xarcabard and remember Sneak and Invisible.

Once in Xarcabard head to where AF1 was but continue up the ramps with the northern lights to the top where you will find the zone to Castle Zvahl Bailey. Once inside you will need Sneak and Invisible or Sneak Oils and Prism Powders to avoid the aggro from the Eyes and the demons. After entering follow the path till you come to a cross and take the right path heading north. Follow this path till you come to a ramp down enter the ravine and head left/ South, make sure to stay to the left when you come to a junction this brings you inside the castle.

From here head to the left/ North if you continue North you will come to a corner and a ramp along with a large hole in the ground make sure your Sneak and Invisible are good and walk into the hole. There should be Demon Commanders, Chancellors, Generals, and Magistrates, these drop the Whine Cellar Key that you need. There is a hall off this circular room where you can set up camp. These mobs are 55-59 so a full party of 52+ should be ok if they are careful with their pulls. I went with a 60 mnk and another 52 blm we had no problems even with a link, except when one demon got freeze off. I believe that there are 5 demons in the pit and one that spawns behind in the hall we killed them all 3 or 4 times for 2 keys which would be a drop of 1/12 or so.

Once you have the key you can Sneak and Invisible back up the hall you are camping in go up a ramp and end up on the upper floor again, from here stay in the ditch and head straight/ South. When the path ends at a T head right/West. Follow that until the first left which will head you South. Walk South until you reach a left turn to the East and see a ramp. Go up the ramp and follow the path to the West being careful not to fall down. This should take you to Castle Zvahl Keep.

Now that you are in Castle Zvahl Keep make sure that you have Sneak and Invisible and follow the hall. When you come to an open area/room follow the wall to the right/ North. You will see a gate open it and go past, inside are some Goblin Hunters and others from that tier, which you will need to kill but that should pose you no real threat. From the door you entered from walk straight ahead and turn to the left/ North, you should be at position H-7, there will be an Iron Gate in front of you and an Ore Door to the left. Trade your Whine Cellar Key to the Door and get a cut scene. Once that is done Escape, Warp everyone home and head to Windurst again.

Chumimi will take the doll and give you your Wizard's Sabots.

AF3 Wizard's Gloves

First off you must be at least level 50 to start this quest and have completed AF1. I highly recommend having the maps for Xarcabard, Ranguemount Pass, Beaucedine Glacier, Castle Zvahl Bailey, and Garlaige Citadel. Also make sure to have enough mages for Sneak and Invisible or Sneak Oils and Prism Powders.

This quest is begun in Upper Jeuno in the Armor Shop, hang your first left when walking toward the exit to Battalia Downs and the shop is on the right. Talk to Guslam there he will tell you about Borghertz's gloves and that they are in Garlaige Citadel. . So gather a party at least, if not an alliance with some high level help to speed things up as this coffer key is rare and so many jobs need it for Afs. If you happen to know any BST 52+ they can solo the Hellmines here for great exp and key drops. If you are fighting in a regular party head to the basement, you will need Sneak and Invisible once you drop down, and go to H-8 a tunnel between to open areas where it is safe to camp. I suggest killing Fallen Majors and Mages, as they are the easiest key mobs though Hellmines, Vault Weapons, Magic Jars, Over Weapons, and Tainted Flesh all drop them as well.

Once you have the coffer key you will need to get to the coffer. For this I recommend taking people familiar with the switching system for the Banishing Gates. Also I recommend that every person with you have a few Sneak Oils and Prism Powders since the bombs and droma aggro magic. You will need Invisible to get to the first Banishing Gate, which is at position I-9. Here is the first encounter with the switches and the best by far. 4 people must stand one on each switch and the door will begin to open as soon as it does everyone needs to run in and wait at the other side of the door. From here on out you will need Sneak at the very least but in most spots Invisible as well. There are 2 more Banishing Gates behind the first. Once past the First gate Sneak up and walk around the outside of a group of rooms you will go all the way around and find a hall leading East on the other side follow that hall. When the hall splits GO LEFT there is a Flesh type mob to the right that is very tough and will most likely kill you. This path will also come to a T very quickly, from here left/ North is Banishing Gate #3 and right/ South is Banishing Gate #2.

Banishing Gate #2 has one more coffer spawn and is easier to open so I usually head there first. So at the T take a right, you should be heading South. When you reach the steps stop and recast sneak and invisible. Now there are 8 room 4 on the right/ north and 4 on the left/ South the first and last room on each side has a switch that is guarded by an explosure or 2 droma. This means no recasting on the switches which is why I wanted you to bring Sneak Oils and Prism Powders, you can use these in the droma room with no aggro, however the Explosure aggros sight as well so you need to be more careful around him, as long as you are fast though no recasting should be necessary. 2 people need to go to the 2 rooms on the far end the 4th doors to the right and the left and 2 to the nearer rooms the 1st doors to the right and left after the steps. Once everyone is on the switches the 2nd Banishing Gate will begin to open everyone needs to run ASAP the gate, which is in the center of the hall, don?t let Sneak wear off because the Acid Greases at the Gate aggro sound, as do the bats in the hallway. Once inside the Blm can check for coffer alone, be careful the Flesh mob in this area is extremely high level and killed me in 2 hits at 54. You will need Sneak and Invisible back here and watch for magic aggro from the bombs as well as low Hp aggro from the Flesh mob. The coffer can be found at E8 (don't fall off the edge of the broken stairs here or you will need to reopen the gate), G8 in the small indent where the Flesh mob is (is the coffer is here you can drop Invisible and get it then recast Sneak and Invisible as long as the mobs back is turned and you don't walk/move with Sneak down), H8 at the end of a dead end hallway, and at I7 at the sharp corner before the Incinerator Hatch.

If the coffer is not behind Gate 2 and hasn't been claimed in the last 30 minutes than it must be? that's right behind Gate 3! So make your way back to the T you took a right at to get to Gate #2 and go left this time (heading North). Make sure you have Sneak and Invisible on the bombs here aggro sight and be careful of the Droma aggroing magic. As you head North you will enter a large room stay to the left/ West side and you will see a connection to another large room enter this and head all the way to the left/ West side where you will find a tunnel. This will take you to another set of stairs. Here you can recast Sneak and Invisible for another exciting run in with the Garlaige Citadel. switch system. This one is very complex (well for some it is). The first 2 switches are in the first 2 doors to the right or left from the stairs. The other 2 switches require you to go into the 3rd door on the left/South and then to the West one room. There is a switch in this room and one in the room directly across from it so you must pass through this room to get there. Once again all the switches are guarded by droma and explosures so Sneak and Invisible are a must. When the switches are all depressed the 3rd Banishing Gate will begin to open now RUN to the gate which you passed to get to the switches, don't let Sneak wear off because the Acid Greases at the Gate aggro sound, as do the bats in the hallway.

Behind this gate there are only Undead so Sneak should do you fine. There are 3 coffers here one to the left at G6, one at I5 near the zone to Sauromauge Champaign, and one at I7 (be careful not to fall down to the lower level here or you will need to reopen the Banishing Gate again).

Even with the coffer locations it may take awhile for you to get the coffer the key is to be patient. It is a good idea if you don't find the coffer to log behind one of the gates and check back every 30 min or so since that is the spawn time on the coffers. Also there is less competition for the coffer during the week. Once you have your old gloves go back to Jeuno.

Talk to Guslam in the armor shop then to the Galka at the counter who will tell you to talk to a Mithra in the Tenshodo HQ. Go to Lower Jeuno and head to the Tenshodo HQ (Neptune's Spire) Talk to the Mithra near the center table in the main part of the HQ. Give her 1k gil and she tells you she left the box in Port Jeuno. Head there and go down by the AH. There is a ??? there use it and start a cut scene with Borghertz who will send you back to Castle Zvahl Bailey to kill Dark Spark remember Sneak and Invisible.

Once in Xarcabard head to Castle Zvahl Bailey. Once inside you will need Sneak and Invisible or Sneak Oils and Prism Powders to avoid the aggro from the Eyes and the demons. After entering follow the path till you come to the cross you turned at before this time head straight/ East through the cross. This will bring you to a closed portcullis with 4 torches. Drop Sneak and Invisible and kill the 2 demons and the eye that are near there. Make sure that your party stays in the center of the raised area, if you get close to the edge demons will aggro and run all the way around to get to you creating a huge train and death for you and your party. Once you have cleared the area rest up then touch a torch, this will spawn the Dark Spark, anyone else who is on this portion of their AF gloves can use the same torch while the Dark Spark is out and get the key item as well. Make sure that you keep Stun ready incase Dark Spark tries to explode on your party. A full party of 53+ should be able to handle this as long as you don't let him explode. IF HE EXPLODES YOU WILL ALL DIE! I recommend 2 blms with stun and having melees save tp for stun ws as needed. Once Dark Spark is dead everyone who needs the key item uses the SAME torch that was used to spawn the spark and they will receive the Shadow Flames key item.

Now return to Jeuno and talk to the ??? in Port Jeuno again and receive your Wizard's Gloves.

AF 4 Wizard's Tonban

First off you must be at least level 50 to start this quest and have completed AF1. You must also have started AF3. Make sure to have enough mages for Sneak and Invisible or Sneak Oils and Prism Powders. I recommend you have the Map for Eldieme Necropolis. This quest doesn't have a start NPC, once you have talked to Guslam for the start of the Gloves quest you can get the pants. I recommend a party 56+ preferably with a high level tank 60+.

Head to the Eldieme Necropolis entrance at I10 in Battalia Downs. Tomb Warriors, Tomb Mages, Spriggans, and Haunts drop the Eldieme Necropolis coffer key. I suggest fighting the Tomb Warriors and Mages they are the easiest key mobs level 60-63 while the other 2 are 60-66. In order to find these mobs you will need to separate into 2 groups, one person head to the switch at H8 with Sneak and Invisible on, the bomb there aggros sight and magic, and have the rest of the party head through one of the Lich rooms to G7 or G8 with Sneak on. Once both parties are in their places throw the switch which will rotate the gates. The party should then head South and enter a new hall way with a switch to their right. Now the person throwing the switch hits it once more and heads to G7 or G8, be careful when recasting at the switch the bomb aggros magic and sight, and the party throws the switch the 2 groups meet up. When the party is back together walk to the center where there is a bone pit if you walk on to it you will fall through the floor to the lower level of the Eldieme Necropolis.

From here head East to M10 a good place to camp is on the Hume Bone as nothing spawns in this room. From here you will have to kill the Liches and Fallen Knights, which spawn in the next room to the East. Once that room is clear begin pulling tomb mobs from the hallway to the East..

Once you have your key its time to find one helpful buddy with Sneak and Invisible as well as some Silent Oils and Prism Powders. Have your buddy go to the switch while you go to the Lich room at H7. Have your buddy throw the switch then head North and check for the coffer in the large room at G6 and at G7 in the small hallway with the switch off of the large room at G6. If the coffer is not there proceed West to the next lich room at F7 and have your buddy throw the switch then head West. Check the large room at F8 and the small hallway of the center of that room with another switch If the coffer is not there then proceed North and follow that hall through the lich room to G7 where there will be a closed gate to your right. Have your buddy throw the switch and go South and fall through the bone pit. Once again head East till you reach the Hume Bones. Now check the rooms to the North at M10 and South at M11. If the coffers not there Escape out and reenter the Eldieme Necropolis from the same entrance as before. Have your buddy go to the switch while you go to the Lich room at H7. Have your buddy throw the switch then head North, this time fall down through one of the bone pits. You should now be near the coffer at L9 in a round room at the end of a hall. If the coffers not here Escape out and reenter the Eldieme Necropolis from the same entrance as before. Have your buddy go to the switch while you go to the Lich room at H9. Have your buddy throw the switch then head South, fall down through one of the bone pits. You should now be near the coffer at L12 head South and follow the tunnel around to the East and North to get there. If you haven?t found the coffer yet it's on a respawn try again in 15-30 minutes. When you do open the coffer, remember to not move and recast Sneak, you will receive your Wizard's Tonban.

AF 5 Wizard's Coat

First off you must be at least level 50 to start this quest and have completed AF1. You must also have started AF3. Make sure to have enough mages for Sneak and Invisible or Sneak Oils and Prism Powders. I recommend you have the map for Davoi and Monastic Cavern.

Davoi is located at G12 in Jugner Forest this is where the journey begins. Once you enter Davoi head straight South through the first open area, you should see another path ahead of you take it. Follow this path till you come to another open area here you will need to go right/ South again until another path opens to your right follow this path to the West until you see a path to the right. Take this right and head North, this path will curve to the West and cross a bridge. When this path ends in a T head to the left/South, follow this path and there is the entrance to the Monastic Cavern.

Welcome to the Monastic Cavern, the mobs here are the same Orcs from Davoi and few others that are even tougher, so make sure you have Invisible ready. When you zone you will be in a tunnel ahead to the West the tunnel opens up, go North until you come to a wall, there should be a tunnel to your left, take this tunnel to the West. The tunnel will turn North then East, once you are headed east you will pass a tunnel to your right then come to a crossroad where you can continue in any direction. At the crossroad take a right/South , follow this tunnel to the Zone back to Davoi. This zone is a good place to camp. The mobs that drop the Coffer key are Orcish Farkillers, Dreadnoughts, Champions, and Dragoons, these mobs are all level 62-69 so a party of 60-62 should be ok to take them out. I was told that you can get keys from the Orcs in the Davoi and the Orcs in Davoi, I got mine in the Monastic Cavern. This one will most likely require you to get some high level help or wait on.

Once you have the key you can solo and Invisible around the Monastic Cavern but when you get the coffer your Invisible will drop so be prepared with blink and warp scroll or quickly recast Invisible. From the zone the head West till you reach the large open cavern and continue North once you enter the open area. When you reach the next wall there should be a tunnel to your left, take this headed West. Following this tunnel there are 2 coffer spawns in the G8 region, one about half way along the path once it turns North and one at the corner where the path turns back East. Once in the tunnel heading East you will see a tunnel to your left, there are 2 coffer spawns in this tunnel one right as you turn South into it at G8 and one farther along after the tunnel turns to the East at H9. If the coffer isn't at these points backtrack to the main tunnel and take a right so that you are heading East again. You will quickly come to a cross tunnel there are 3 coffer spawns at the junction of these 2 tunnels at H8. If there is no coffer here, take a left and head North up the tunnel, at the dead end there is a coffer spawn at H7. If there is no coffer here back track to the junction and take a left once you reach it, you should now be heading East. You will see a tunnel to your right almost immediately , take this tunnel North. The last 2 coffer spawns are in this tunnel at the corner at H7 and the dead end at I7.

If you haven't found the coffer yet then it has most likely been opened in the last 30 minutes, continue checking the spawns and you should find it within 30 minute assuming you are the only one looking for it. When you finally do open the Coffer, remember to wait till the Orcs aren't looking and recast Invisible ASAP and the Wizard's Coat will be yours.

AF 6 Wizard's Petasos

First off you must be at least level 50 to start this quest and have completed AF1 and AF2. I highly recommend having the maps for Toraimarai Canal and Inner Horutoto Ruins. You will need a Blm, Whm, and Rdm if you and your party haven?t completed the quest for the key to the Toraimarai Canal door in Windurst Walls or the 3-mage door key quest. I suggest taking at least 12 people with you I did the quest with a party of 11 2 pld, 2 war, 1 rdm, 3 blm, 1 mnk, 1 drg, and 1 thf everyone was 59-62 with one war 68, I know that there aren't many blms but that's what we could get and we came up with a great strategy which I will detail later. Also make sure to have enough mages for Sneak and Invisible or Sneak Oils and Prism Powders.

Chumimi in Heaven?s Tower starts this quest, so head back to Windurst and talk to Chumimi. Again a meeting of the ministers occurs and you are asked to take the doll found in AF2 to Toraimarai Canal and find something. First you must fix the doll this is accomplished by trading a silk cloth to Koru-Moru who is found in Windurst Walls at E7. Once you have completed this head back and talk to Chumimi again. Now its time to go to Toraimarai Canal.

Toraimarai Canal is located in Windurst woods if you have done the quests necessary to gain access. You must have completed the Blue Ribbon Blues Quest, which you can find in the Quest section on the site. Once this quest is done you can talk to one of the Rhinostry Tarutaru and you will get a Toraimarai Canal Pass, which will let you enter Leviathan's Gate. If you don't have the key to enter Toraimarai Canal then head to the Inner Horutoto Ruins at J7 in the South West of East Sarutabaruta.

When you enter the Inner Horutoto Ruins follow the hall until you come to a large room when you enter the room hang a right, you should now be heading West. Follow the wall until you pass through an arch and enter a smaller room. Hitting the tab key, target the secret door in the wall and proceed through the door, you should now be in a tunnel. Follow this tunnel until you see another tunnel to the right/ West, take this tunnel then take an immediate left, you should now be heading south. This tunnel will curve to the right/ West until you reach an adjoining tunnel on the left, take this tunnel and continue in a South West direction. After a while you will reach a T where the path ends and there is a brick wall, take a right and follow the wall North till there is an opening on your left. Take this left and head West up the stairs you should now be in a large room full of Goblin Leechers and Gamblers. Walk west through this room and pass through the cracked wall on the West end.

Once through the door way follow the hallway until you come to a large room, head North East through this room. There is a doorway in the center of the North wall with 3 circles in front of it. This is where the Blm, Whm, and Rdm come in one stand in each circle and the door should open. Pass through the door to a circular room proceed to the circular room and choose the right/ East path and walk THROUGH the wall. You should now be in a room full of Wendigos. Enter the room and head North West, when you reach the North wall go into the West hallway and enter the door there. You should now be in the Toraimarai Canal.

This place has lots of aggro so make sure you have Sneak or Silent Oils ready, if coming from Leviathan's Gate you will need Invisible or Prism Powders as well. If you do get aggro, especially from the Makara in the water below you may be able to get out of sight and recast Sneak and Deodorize so that the aggro loses you. From the Inner Horutoto Ruins entrance head North and hug the left wall, continue to hug the left wall until you reach the first ??? at H8. There will be a Dark Aspic there along with the ???, I had Sneak up, but running out when I checked this ??? and I rushed through the cut scene to try to make it so I could recast Sneak while he slimes back was turned. Unfortunately I died, the good new however is that my Sneak didn't release as I had been told it would. So you should be able to check this ??? safely alone.

Now if you came from Windurst Walls then you have a little more maneuvering to do. When you enter Leviathan's Gate you will need to zone into Toraimarai Canal. Make sure you have Sneak or Silent Oils ready. Once inside the zone you will be in a hallway heading South follow this hallway, it will turn East then South again then T into another hall. Take a left at this hall heading to the West, stay to the right side of the hall and go down the stairs into the water. Continue heading West in the tunnel, when you come to the first T in the tunnel turn left heading South. Follow this tunnel South and take the first right that you come to, you should now be heading West. Follow this tunnel until it opens up, there should be some stairs to the North go up these stairs and continue West on the upper ledge of the hall. Follow the ledge, hugging the right wall, West then turn right heading North, about half way up the hall you will see a bridge, head across this bridge to the West, then continue North. Following this ledge, hugging the left wall, will take you North and West through a few different turns just keep hugging the wall to the left. At one point Heading North you will pass a bridge on your right, ignore it and continue North along the ledge will then turn left to the West continue following the left wall. The ledge will now turn left to the South, continue along the left wall around this hairpin turn and you will end up heading North. About halfway up the ledge heading North you will see a bridge to your right, cross the bridge heading East and then turn right to the South. Head South hugging the wall to your left you will turn to the left heading East this ledge will dead end at H-8 where you will find a Dark Aspic and the first ???.

Once you have examined the ??? and seen the cut scene head back the way you came. Take the first bridge that you see to your left/ West. Once across the bridge head South and hug the right wall, this will lead you around the end of the hall and back to the hall with the first ??? only you will be on the opposite side of the hall heading East. You will follow this ledge East until it turns right to the South follow the ledge and you will see a bridge to your left, ignore it and continue South. Keep following the wall to your right this will take you South and East through a series of turns. Once again headed South you will see a bridge to your left, once again ignore it and continue South along the right wall. Soon after the bridge the ledge will turn to the right heading West follow it west where it will close over the water. When the ledges come together make a hairpin turn so that you should now be headed back to the East on the South ledge as opposed to heading West on the North ledge you came in on. Head East hugging the right wall and you will come to another dead end. Here you will find a ???, click it to investigate, you will be told that there is strong stagnation and that the power of a Black Mage is needed. Once you receive this message activate Manafont It's important to investigate the ??? first then Manafont and investigate a 2nd time or else you may miss out and have to wait 2 hours to try again.

Now to head for the final ???. From the Manafont ??? head back to the West until the ledges meet again. Once again take a hairpin turn to the right so that you should now be on the North ledge heading East instead of the South ledge heading West. Follow the ledge to the East hugging the left wall and you will turn to the North. Halfway up on the ledge heading North you will see a bridge extending to the East cross the bridge to the East and continue North, now hugging the right wall. Following this ledge hugging the right wall you will head North and East through a few turns, just make sure to stick to the right wall. After a few turns you will come to a hall to the right with a circular room which contains a Girtab and some undead as well as the final ???. Clear the mobs, which should be easily, accomplished then rest up for the NM fight.

If you have brought multiple Black Mages then you will need to keep the party out in the hall after you have cleared the room while each Mage takes his turn investigating the ??? and running away before the Magic Sludge can aggro. I advise the Mages to stand as far from the ??? as possible and be holding the run key so they can escape as soon as it spawns. If you have many Mages you will probably have to clear the rooms a few times and I would recommend that you save the last investigation until right after you have cleared the room so that you don't get any adds during your fight.

When you are finally ready to start the battle there are a few option in terms of strategy depending on you party configuration. If you go the typical route with many Mages then you will need at least one good tank and a whm to heal him while the Mages nuke the Sludge. This will take some time since the Sludge has very high magic resistance he was taking 200 or less dmg from Freeze. Basically though this is a normal fight the Sludge doesn't hit very hard physically but does cast a lot of Dark Spells such as Bio III and Drain and Aspir.

What suggest is to take as many one-handed sword wielders as possible, make sure that they can all use Spirits Within (175 skill level at 59+ any melee class but bst can use this WS and most get it around 57 or sooner). Clearing the room will get the melees a good amount of TP and they can pull extra mobs from the halls outside if they need to in order get to 300% TP. Once all the melees have their TP start the fight and have someone provoke then have all the Sword wielders use Spirits Within, at 58-62 most melees will have around 1000+ hp and be dealing 500+ with Spirits Within. When I did this battle we had 4 or 5 people with Spirits Within and once they were done the Sludge had less than half its HP and after the Drg, Thf, and Mnk used their TP it was down to about 25%. It only took about 4 spells from each Blm to finish it off then. All in all this fight was really simple and lasted about 3 minutes with this strategy. I would recommend at least 5 people with Spirits Within if you can get more, more power to you. I would guess that with 8 people you could effectively kill the Sludge in under a minute.

When the battle is done check the ??? again and the doll will say that the stagnation has been cleansed and that you need to report back to Windurst, so after you escape and warp everyone head back. Once again talk to Chumimi and the ministers will show up and Shantotto will give you your Wizard's Petasos.

II. Food

Theres only a handful of useful BLM food and thank god its all cheap in comparison with melee food. What you're looking for is food that gives INT or food that gives MP while resting, MP is nice but a black mage shouldn't be spamming spells unless you have a death wish and like to stare at the ground more than at the enemy.

With that being said from 1 to 10 I used meat jerky and a staff. It is a pain I know but unless you have a power leveler then you're out of luck. After that you start getting into parties where I recomend pies, apple pies are cheap and melon pies aren't that far off in price if you have the money go ahead and get the +1.

Around level 50 more or less which is where recommend parties start you want to use cookies a few points of INT and MP won't make a difference at that level and you gain access to elemental staves. Ginger cookies or Wizard if you have the money.

III. Spells

List of the Black Mage spells and their locations, from levels 1 to 75.

Level 1: Stone I - Three cities? magic shops.

Level 3: Poison - Three cities? magic shops. Rank 1 and Rank 2 nations only.

Level 4: Blind - Windurst?s magic shop, Bastok?s magic shop. Dropped by: Amber Quadav, Amethyst Quadav, Orcish Mezmerizer, Yagudo Acolyte, Yagudo Scribe.

Level 5: Water I - Three cities? magic shops.

Level 7: Bind - Dropped by: Amber Quadav, Orcish Mezmerizer, Yagudo Scribe, Young Quadav.

Level 9: Aero - Three cities? magic shops.

Level 10: Blaze Spikes - Gained from quest ?Know One?s Onions? in Port Windurst.

Level 10: Bio I - Three cities? magic shops. Rank 1 and Rank 2 nations only.

Level 12: Drain - Gained from quest ?The Rumor? in San d?Oria.

Level 13: Fire I - Three cities? magic shops.

Level 15: Stonega I - Selbina: Chutarmire (H-9). Windurst Waters: Hilkomu-Makimu (G-7).

Level 16: Shock - Three cities? magic shops.

Level 17: Warp - Gained from quest ?Mean Machine? in Bastok Metalworks.

Level 17: Blizzard - Three cities? magic shops.

Level 18: Rasp - Three cities? magic shops.

Level 19: Waterga I - Selbina: Chutarmire (H-9). Windurst Waters: Hilkomu-Makimu (G-7).

Level 20: Ice Spikes - Gained from BCNM 40?s: Royal Succession, Steamed Sprouts, Undying Promise, Waughroon Shrine. Dropped by: Phantom, Taxim.

Level 20: Sleep - Three cities? magic shops. Rank 1 and Rank 2 nations only.

Level 20: Choke - Three cities? magic shops.

Level 21: Thunder I - Three cities? magic shops.

Level 22: Frost - Three cities? magic shops.

Level 23: Aeroga I - Selbina: Chutarmire (H-9). Windurst Waters: Hilkomu-Makimu (G-7).

Level 24: Poisonga I - Selbina: Chutarmire (H-9).

Level 24: Burn - Three cities? magic shops.

Level 25: Aspir - Gained from quest ?Making the Grade? in Windurst Waters.

Level 25: Tractor - Dropped by: Wight.

Level 26: Stone II - Selbina: Chutarmire (H-9). Windurst Waters: Hilkomu-Makimu (G-7).

Level 27: Drown - Three cities? magic shops.

Level 28: Firaga I - Selbina: Chutarmire (H-9). Windurst Waters: Hilkomu-Makimu (G-7).

Level 29: Escape - Dropped by: Banshee.

Level 30: Water II - Selbina: Chutarmire (H-9). Windurst Waters: Hilkomu-Makimu (G-7).

Level 30: Shock Spikes - Selbina: Chutarmire (H-9). Windurst Waters: Hilkomu-Makimu (G-7).

Level 31: Sleepga - Lower Jeuno: Taza (H-9). Mhaura: Pikini-Mikini (G-9).

Level 32: Blizzaga I - Selbina: Chutarmire (H-9). Windurst Waters: Hilkomu-Makimu (G-7).

Level 34: Aero II - Selbina: Chutarmire (H-9). Windurst Waters: Hilkomu-Makimu (G-7).

Level 35: Bio II - Selbina: Chutarmire (H-9). Windurst Waters: Hilkomu-Makimu (G-7).

Level 36: Thundaga - Selbina: Chutarmire (H-9). Windurst Waters: Hilkomu-Makimu (G-7). Dropped from: Mysticmaker Profblix.

Level 38: Fire II - Selbina: Chutarmire (H-9). Windurst Waters: Hilkomu-Makimu (G-7).

Level 40: Stonega II - Dropped by: Orcish Hexspinner, Orcish Warlord.

Level 40: Warp II - Gained from quest ?Curses, Foiled A-Golem?? in Windurst Walls.

Level 41: Sleep II - Lower Jeuno: Taza (H-9).

Level 42: Blizzard II - Selbina: Chutarmire (H-9). Windurst Waters: Hilkomu-Makimu (G-7).

Level 43: Poison II - Selbina: Chutarmire (H-9). Windurst Waters: Hilkomu-Makimu (G-7).

Level 44: Waterga II - Dropped by: Sapphire Quadav.

Level 45: Stun - Rabao: Brave Ox (F-7). Dropped by: Orcish Zerker, Goblin Reaper.

Level 46: Thunder II - Selbina: Chutarmire (H-9). Windurst Waters: Hilkomu-Makimu (G-7).

Level 48: Aeroga II - Dropped by: Yagudo Prelate.

Level 50: Freeze - Gained from BCNM 50?s: Treasure and Tribulations, Hostile Herbivores, and ?3, 2, 1.? Dropped by: Haunt, Taxim.

Level 51: Stone III - Lower Jeuno: Taza (H-9). Dropped by: Centurio X-I, Orcish Warlord.

Level 52: Tornado - Dropped by: Yagudo Prelate.

Level 53: Firaga II - Dropped by: Dread Demon.

Level 54: Quake - Dropped by: Orcish Hexspinner, Orcish Warlord, Centurio X-I, Kirin. Gained from BCNM 50?s: Treasure and Tribulations, Hostile Herbivores, and ?3, 2, 1.?

Level 55: Water III - Lower Jeuno: Taza (H-9). Dropped by: Sapphire Quadav.

Level 56: Sleepga II - Gained from quest ?Searching for the Right Words.?

Level 56: Burst - Dropped by: Mysticmaker Profblix, Sprinkler. Gained from Beadeaux Treasure Coffer.

Level 57: Blizzaga II - Dropped by: Haunt.

Level 58: Flood - Dropped by: Sapphire Quadav.

Level 59: Aero III - Lower Jeuno: Taza (H-9). Dropped by: Yagudo Prelate.

Level 60: Flare - Dropped by: Dread Demon, Million Eyes, Hakutaku.

Level 61: Thundaga II - Dropped by: Tonberry Maledictor, Baron Vapula, Tonberry Imprecator.

Level 62: Fire III - Lower Jeuno: Taza (H-9). Dropped by: Dodomeki, Thousand Eyes, Mindgazer, Million Eyes.

Level 63: Stonega III - Dropped by: Antican Quaester, Antican Praetor, Antican Proconsul, Centurio X-I.

Level 64: Blizzard III - Lower Jeuno: Taza (H-9). Dropped by: Doom Mage, Doom Warlock, Fallen Mage, Spartoi Sorcerer, Taxim, Tomb Mage.

Level 65: Waterga III - Dropped by: Sozu Bliberry, Sozu Rogberry, Sapphire Quadav, Goblin Alchemist.

Level 66: Thunder III - Lower Jeuno: Taza (H-9). Dropped by: Mysticmaker Profblix, Sprinkler, Tonberry Imprecator, Tonberry Maledictor.

Level 67: Aeroga III - Dropped by: Yagudo Prelate, Baron Vapula.

Level 68: Stone IV - Dropped by: Antican Praetor, Antican Proconsul, Antican Quaestor, Orcish Hexspinner, Orcish Warlord.

Level 69: Firaga III - Dropped by: Dread Demon, Marquis Amon, Hakutaku, Million Eyes, Hecteyes.

Level 70: Water IV - Dropped by: Ruby Quadav, Sapphire Quadav, Sozu Bliberry, Tonberry Pontifex.

Level 71: Blizzaga III - Dropped by: Doom Mage, Spartoi Sorcerer.

Level 72: Aero IV - Dropped by: Yagudo Prelate.

Level 73: Thundaga III - Dropped by: Aura Pot, Hover Tank, Mysticmaker Profblix, Sprinkler. Gained from BCNM?s: Infernal Swarm, Come Into My Parlor, E-vase-ive Action.

Level 73: Fire IV - Dropped by: Dread Demon, Hakutaku, Million Eyes.

Level 74: Blizzard IV - Dropped by: Spartoi Sorcerer, Doom Mage, Taxim.

Level 75: Thunder IV - Dropped by: Mysicmaker Profblix, Magic Pot, Hover Tank, Sprinkler, Aura Pot.

IV. Equipment

Levels 1-28

Very basic gear that most of the time won't be very good. You can't get Magic Attack Bonus or Elemental Magic Skill at this level range so just find anything that gives INT and buy it, you might get earrings that give mp if you want but it's not a must because it's not that big of an increase anyway.

Recap: INT > MP > Defense

Note: I should probaly add that until level 50 you want to use clubs that give INT like Willow wand, Yew wand, Chestnut wand, etc. as before if you can get the +1 Perfect if not thats ok.

Level 29

You get access to Seer Gear which is the best set until your AF armor(no joke). NQ Gear works but if you have money to spend I recommend going for Seer's Crown +1 (INT +3) and Seer's Mitts (INT +2 MND +2) the other parts do not give any other beneficial stat to a black mage so you can ignore it or if you like having all +1 gear you can go ahead and buy it. You also get access to INT Earrings and in a few levels the Black cape oh and also get a Black neckerchief.

Level 52-60

2 words: Artifact armor

You'll want to use your entire AF here with a few exceptions like a Shaman's Cloak but that requires NM Hunting so it's basically your call. Also if you're rich you can purchase a Vermillion Cloak for refresh but frankly I would just wait until level 68 for your refresh armor. Other than that I would go with a Penitent's Rope 5 INT/MDN -3 Enmity makes it one of the best Waist Equips in the game for a Black Mage.

Levels 64-68

We now enter the level range where Elemental magic skill can be obtained, this is magic accuracy. You want your spells to not get resisted and this is your best choice. First we have Druid's Slops buy it and don't sell it ever it's a must have when you fight HNMs, sky or sea gods. At level 68 you get your Black Cloak a good piece of equipment until you get Errant body and/or Igqira Weskit simply because theres nothing better to sit and rest for mp or stand attack with at this level. For neck you 'Will' get an Elemental Torque, this is a piece you just can't ignore it gives +7 in elemental magic skill and it's easily the best neck piece in the game for a Black Mage, I don't care if you have to farm, craft, buy gil or do BCNMs but you shouldn't be over 65 without this.

A Phantom Tathlum is also a good choice as there a whole lot of gear for your range slot, 2 INT and 10 MP is better than nothing at all.

Also I would like to add that now would be a good time to go for the Moldavite Earring, a NM goblin in Labyrinth of Onzozo drops it you might want a friend to help you kill it the higher in level the better. This earring is a must because it gives Magic Attack Bonus +5 and the requirement level is only a mere 47 meaning you can wear it in 60 cap BCNM or event fights not to mention it's one of the few equipment that actually gives Magic Attack Bonus.


And we are finally at the end. You'll want to begin your revamp with a Rainbow Cape(Prism Cape for the rich), Errant Body, Errant Slops(Mahatma), Igqira Weskit, Diamond Rings(Snow Rings). Rostrum Pumps and Abysmal Earring both require an Alliance(or more in the case of the pumps) special items 1 to pop the NM that drops the pumps and the other to enter the battlefield where you fight the Ark Angel(Earring).

Elemental Staves:

I put these at the end because of the importance of them. Each elemental staff gives 10% magic accuracy and magic attack to the spell of the staves element(15% if the staff is HQ). For example Thunder staff will increase hit and damage rate of Thunder and Thundaga tier spells and not only magic spells but also elemental debuffs like Stun in this case since it's lightning elemental.

You can check each spell's elemental in your magic menu inside the game, it's a colored dot to the left of the spell.

A good Black Mage will have, at least, all NQ staves minus light staff. After 64 or the level you leave Toramas you won't need the Earth Staff again so you can get rid of that also but you should have the rest. If you want to upgrade to HQ the recommended order is Thunder(Jupiter) -> Ice(Aquilo) -> Dark(Pluto). Reason being Thunder and Ice are the 2 strongest spell so if a mob is strong against one of those 2 you can just switch. Meanwhile Pluto's Staff will increase effectiveness of dark based spells like Sleep, Sleepga, Aspir, Drain, Bio, etc.

This should wrap the Equipment section I might have missed a few gears or maybe people will prefer other choices but this is what I did to get my Black Mage to 75.

Recap: Magic Attack Bonus > Elemental Magic Skill > INT > MP

V. Macros

I used 2 sets of macros as a Black Mage. One was the set I used in experience parties and updated when I got new spells. The other one is for HNM and mainly end game purposes.

Experience set:

/equip main 'Dark Staff'

/equip body 'Errant houppelande'

Macro for Resting, of course when you get to the available levels

Then I would have in my macro the highest single target spell and the highest aga spell:

/ma 'Thunder IV' —— /ma 'Thundaga III'

This, of course, means it goes for every spell I have like Blizzard, Fire, etc.

And finally I end it with support spells like

/ma 'Stun' , /ma 'Aspir' , /ma 'Drain , etc

HNM Set:

With Lightning and Ice being the 2 strongest spell I have from Thunder and Blizzard II up to IV, both agas III and only III you won't need anything lower.

Fire IV and Firaga IV for KRT Manaburns and some HNMs, Aeroga III, Aero IV for Kirin. Stun, aspir, drain both single sleeps and sleepga 2.

I recommend having Sleepga 2 and Sleep 2 in both sets as it could save your party from a wipe or unnecessary deaths.

/ma 'Sleep II' or /ma 'Sleepga II'

VI. Dynamis

The following information has been parsed from Dynamis guide for BLMs needed and some added information from my experience and from others that have been on Dynamis.

Table of Contents

I. Sub jobs

II. Food

III. Types of BLM Parties

IV. Equipment

V. Macros

VI. Misc./Helpful Hints

I. Subjobs

There are three main sub jobs that you can take on Dynamis. They are: /whm, /rdm, /nin. A BLM/SMN has yet to be seen and be useful. The only thing it will give is more INT and more MP but the avatars use will be outmatched by SMNs on the run with you.




This is the main sub you'll see on Dynamis. Blm/Whm is the most versatile BLM in the game.

Pros for Dynamis:

gives most MP out of subs, can back up Cure III, can Stoneskin

and Blink, Curaga II

Cons for Dynamis:

(As compared to RDM): Loss of Phalanx, Less INT, Longer casting times, Less HP

(As compared to NIN): Blink takes MP, Less HP




I haven't seen this sub in Dynamis, but it seems like it could become useful and probably will be seen more in Dynamis.

Pros for Dynamis:

Int Bonuses, helps with sleeping mobs, fast cast, Cure III, Phalanx

Cons for Dynamis:

(As compared to WHM): loss of Erase

, less MP, Divine Seal, Curaga II

(As compared to NIN): Blink takes much needed MP, less HP




This sub is showing up more and more on Dynamis runs. As told before, instead of the Curing power of WHM and RDM, you can keep up Utsusemi by casting Utsusemi: Ichi and

Utsusemi: Ni. Nin and RDM give the same amount of INT as a sub.

Pros for Dynamis:

Gives most HP, gives a reasonable amount of INT, Blink can be quickly put back on by Utsusemi: Ni and does not cost MP

Cons for Dynamis:

(As compared to WHM): loss of Erase

, less MP, loss of all curing spells, Divine Seal, loss of Stoneskin, Curaga II, Raise

(As compared to RDM): loss of Phalanx, Curing spells, less MP, loss of Stoneskin, Raise

II. Food

This seems to be one of the most controversial parts of Dynamis. Whether to use Ginger Cookies for their +5 MP while healing or Melon Pies +1 for their +5 Int, +2 MP while healing, and +30MP.

Bridgett wrote:

Quote: 2)Only bring cookies for food, not pies

Cookies are better then pies because they are inexpensive and in Dynamis no one can expect to be alive the whole hour it takes for Melon Pies +1 to wear off. This is honestly depending on the BLM and his/her need of food. If you are lacking in the INT department because of equipment, sub job, or level then I would say to go with the pie or a Clear Drop.

III. Types of BLM Parties


BLM Statue Party


Statues are nearly immune to melee attacks, and extremely vulnerable to magic attacks. I asked around, and was told that it does not matter which spell you use, just nuke it all at once. This is the main group BLMs are in since their Elemental power is stronger then anyone in the game.

Structure: 2 or more BLMs (SMN sometimes), RDM and/or BRD.

Setup: A single BLM will obtain the role of the BLM leader. This is the single most important person in this party. His/Her job is to tell all the other BLMs in the party which mobs they are nuking. This is usually done by targeting the statue and nuking as all the other BLMs /assist him/her (Macros will be gone over later.) Also, he/she will tell the party if they need to help with nuking the melee?s mobs. Next, they tell when the party should be resting or should be up nuking a mob. Lastly, they are in the front of the party showing you how far the party is able to go.


Primary: Destroy Statues

Secondary: Stun adds

Tertiary: Sleep adds


BLM Sleep Party


This party only comes into play when RDMs are not abundant and BLMs have overrun the Dynamis. This will take a lot of +Enfeebling Magic Equipment since our Enfeebling magic cannot match that of a RDM.

Structure: Any spare BLMs, RDMs (as this is their main party), and maybe a spare BRD

Setup: As a BLM in this party, your job is to sleep as many mobs as possible. Let the RDM hit the mobs with a Sleepga and 30 seconds later stack that with a Sleepga II. This will give you a lot of hate but our main job on Dynamis is to make sure that our main tank doesn't hit the floor because of all the hate he has to take. Always try to Sleep first, as it can then be stacked with Sleep II before the mob is able to wake up.


Primary: Sleep any and all adds

Secondary: Help melee with adds

Tertiary: Back up Heal

IV. Equipment

While doing Dynamis, you'll need probably two sets of equipment: Primary job equipment and Resting Equipment. Having a lot of MP really quickly is a big factor in how fast you will be able to finish a Dynamis run and whether or not you'll be able to finish it.

Statue Parties:

The main thing to remember when looking at this is:

Magic Attack Bonus > Elemental Magic Bonus > INT

Spells should hit for as much at possible, as often as possible, and as quick as possible. In this party, the only thing that is thought is about should be that the statue should not be alive longer then casting time + 4 seconds. Statues are devastated by magic attacks and should be taken out quickly.

Sleep Parties:

The main thing here is to remember:

Magic Accuracy > Enfeebling Magic Bonus > INT

Spells should not be resisted. A resist here is extremely critical and could be the result in your own death, death of an alliance member, or complete wipeout of the Dynamis run. By now, it should be just an extra BLM sense that your mobs are about to wake back up. We, as BLMs, have slept mobs every since we have been able to. Remember to get your Enfeebling magic capped before joining this party.

V. Macros

Most BLMs that are going on Dynamis will need a new set of macros. These are not in any order as they will be able to be used by all BLMs and will be best situated by yourself because you know how you like your macros better then anyone else will be able to know.

Assist BLM leader: /assist Leader

Assist Kiting Tank: /assist Tank

Nuke: /ma High Level Nuke /wait time /ma High Level Nuke

Stun: /ma Stun

Sleep: /ma Sleep

Sleep II: /ma Sleep II

Sleepga: /ma Sleepga

Sleepga II: /ma Sleepga II

Emergency Sleep: /ja Elemental Seal /wait 1 /ma Sleep II

Emergency Sleepga: /ja Elemental Seal /wait 1 /ma Sleepga II

Recast 1: /recast Elemental Seal /wait 1 /recast Sleep /wait 1 /recast Sleep II

Recast 2: /recast Sleepga I /wait 1 /recast Sleepga II /wait 1 /recast Stun

Cure III: /ma Cure III

Barfira: /ma Barfira (Please do not over look this as it can be the difference in life or death when against a NIN mob.)

Defense: /ma Blink /wait 10 /ma Stoneskin (/whm or /rdm only)

Utsusemi: Ichi: /ma Utsusemi: Ichi (/nin only)

Utsusemi: Ni: /ma Utsusemi: Ni (/nin only)

All BLMs will need to add their own resting macros that equip their +MP while healing. /heal can be left out of this as all you have to type is /heal or however you do it. But that is all up to you. Also, there will be an equip macro for your primary jobs in the party.

Other Helpful Macros:

These are macros that you do not have to have but could be a good thing to have.

Agro: /tell Kiting Tank I have agro from . Please provoke. (great for when you use a sleep to help out)

Food: /item Food

BLM party leader only (these are just something to go off of):

Assist Melees: /p Helping melees, please assist me on .

Form party: /p Statue party, please move to me.

Clear: /t Dynamis Leader Statues down, Need assistance? Or /l Statues down, Need assistance?

Rest: /p BLMs please rest.

Please remember to cut down all chatter during Dynamis. Many people use Computers and honestly, from a computer user, there is so much lag in Dynamis that most computers cannot keep up with all the chatter, damage, etc. Do not speak unless spoken to, it is very important that lag is cut as much as possible to keep Dynamis running as smooth as possible.

IV. Miscellaneous/Help Hints

This is the Do's and Don'ts of the BLM jobs.


Sleep mobs regularly.

Stun mobs regularly.

Help with destroying mobs as told.

Keep Blink and Stoneskin (Utsusemi) on.

Rest often.

Have extra food as it will be needed because death is nearly unavoidable.

Nuke until the mobs die.

Listen to the Leader of your party and the leader of the Dynamis.

Let your Kiting tank know that you have agro.

Stay near your party leader or BRD at all times. Stray BLMs can be killed easily.


Use ga spells beside Sleepgas unless stated otherwise.

Use DOT spells. These are VERY BAD.

Run ahead of your BLM party leader.

Have any macros that tell about casting any spell.

Joke around about anything that could be serious on Dynamis. (This could draw attention to something that should not be worried about causing people to die.)

Be afraid to die. (It is Dynamis, you are going to die, get over it.)

Run from a complete wipeout as it will just make your WHMs take longer with Reraise, causing the Dynamis to run out of time.

Be afraid to ask questions to your Party leader as he/she should be the BLM with experience.

Dynamis can take 3 hours, so if you're really planning on going on a run, do not plan on doing anything else in that timeframe. Dynamis is fun to go on and you cannot do more then one Dynamis in the course of 3 days. The higher level a person is, the better the run becomes. I went as a 65 BLM and was in a statue party, but I found that my nukes were don't nearly the damage the level 70+ BLMs were doing. I'm not saying that those below level 70 can't do anything though. At level 65, I still have Elemental Seal and Sleepga I and II and don't think I, for one second, didn't use it. Links and adds will come often, and when it gets out of hand, a stun or a Sleep is of great use. No matter when you go, be the best BLM that you can be at your level. You are the only one that knows your limits on a Dynamis run, don't be afraid to push them as you go along.